Proactive Maintenance

Secrets Of The Trade

To reduce repair costs and minimize losses in productivity, more manufacturing operations are turning from preventive maintenance (maintenance based on a fixed schedule) to proactive maintenance and predictive maintenance (maintenance based on objectively determined need) in order to protect their high-value assets. Condition monitoring of crankcase, hydraulic, motor bearings and gear lubricants plays an important role in the maintenance of equipment including heavy machinery and plant equipment.

Currently, lubrication condition monitoring is typically accomplished by taking samples in a prescribed manner and sending the samples to a laboratory for analysis by an array of analytical technologies.

The recent availability of field-portable, rugged and easy-to-use analytical instruments for use directly at the site of manufacturing operations changes how the condition of in-service lubricants can be monitored. These field-ready analytical tools provide users with near real-time information and allow them to monitor the lube point level of machinery quicker and easier than traditional methods where samples are sent to laboratories for analysis. This results in rapid, actionable decisions, thus enhancing proactive maintenance programs.

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