Triad is dedicated to providing the heavy machinery market with proactive maintenance techniques and products that will immediately demonstrate value.  The long term goal is to ensure that our customers retain their expensive assets for extended time.  Secondary goal is to reduce maintenance costs, downtime and frustration.

Having begun in August of 2005, Triad retained the territory of Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii.  Since that time we have acquired the Texas Permian Basin and the San Antonio areas.  Originally having the Kleenoil On-Board Oil Recycling system, Power Up Boundary Lubricants and Bio-Matrix Oil Absorbents.  We continue to research and investigate new and innovative products plus techniques, which is the reason we added the Filter Blaster in 2012.

Our goal is to save the customer 25% of their maintenance cost and even more importantly is to allow their business work as planned without all the headaches of broken equipment and frustrated employees but with the business goal of keeping more money that they work so hard for