Triad is not a warehouse of parts and merchandise. Our goal is to search, evaluate and sell a limited number of products that are guaranteed to work and we specialize in explaining and implementing. Upon our existence in 2006 we represented Kleenoil On-Board oil recycling systems and Power Up high performance lubricant additives to provide the maximum filtration and friction reduction combination. Although both work great by themselves the alliance of these two products multiplies the effects of saving equipment.

The Bio-Matrix Oil and Chemical Absorbent is a remarkable naturally occurring dried peat moss that absorbs oil and biodegrades. Our customers appreciate that its absorption rate is a one to one factor so they don’t have to keep a lot in inventory. The even larger benefit is that it cleans up spills in the hurry and easy to dispose of.

For every gallon of fuel, seven to ten thousand gallons of air are needed. And with fuel injection systems with tighter tolerances it is essential to maintain clean air filters. The Filter Blaster is a quick and safe way to clean air filters.